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Feast for the Senses: 25 Vivacious Victorian Living Room Ideas

When it comes to luxury, ornate design, and an aura that is instantly recognizable, few styles come close to Victorian. Victorian style does include many other facets like Gothic, Tudor and Elizabethan, but irrespective of the predominant influence, its uniqueness is simply unmatched. With current homeowners once again starting to explore vintage patterns and ornate designs, Victorian decor has found new wings. Sure, it is not as popular as shabby chic or Bohemian yet, but all things point towards decorating elements from this forgotten era making a modern comeback in the next few years.

Victorian-style living rooms are not just pretty rooms to look at and showcase. They can be as practical and functional as a living room with any other style, and often, an audacious, exquisite and refined Victorian-style living space can provide welcome relief from the mundane boredom that contemporary architecture brings. With plenty to savor and even more to admire, these 25 living spaces transport you back in time – but with a hint of undeniable modernity.

Rich, Dark Hues

One thing that Victorian style is never short of is visual opulence. Richness in texture, color and fabric are an absolute must for the classic Victorian-style living room. Move away from the usual boredom of gray and white and think of backdrops clad in brighter and more regal tones like purple, dark shades of coral and blue, and vivacious hues of yellow. Brilliant chandeliers, smart ambient lighting and glittering metallic accents will elevate the style quotient of this ageless living space without ever interfering with its distinct style.

Brilliant living room with black, gold and ornate design [Design: TMS Architects]
Grand Victorian living room with a splash of purple [Design: Peter Zimmerman Architects
Wallpaper and rug bring plenty of pattern to the living room [Design: White Pebble Interiors]
Plastered walls and ornate ceiling create a perfect backdrop for the Victorian living space [Design: Santa Tecla Immobiliare]
Fabulous living room with custom back-lit inglenook fireplace [From: Colin Cadle Photography]
Classic Victorian living room in blue and gold [From: Ryan Lahiff Photography]

Walls That Amaze!

Victorian living rooms often look and feel incredibly busy and stand in complete contrast to their more modern counterparts that emphasize minimalism and a clutter-free environment. Walls in these spaces are decked with vintage prints, fine artwork, a brilliant canvas or four, and of course, the inevitable striking portrait that is the center of the show. Add to this decorative molding, smartly designed arches and textured walls, and you have a stunning sitting room and living area where every little detail tells a story! Stained glass windows and stone fireplaces are the final piece of this extravagant jigsaw that drapes you in timeless luxury.

Antique pieces coupled with contemporary decor inside the cozy living room [Design: McGrath II]
Gallery wall with classic prints is a great choice for the classy Victorian style interior [Photography: Kimberley Bryan]
Color of the couch seems to elevate the opulence of the room [Design: McCroskey Interiors]
Colorful Victorian living room with understated class [From: Brandon Schuster Photography]
Spacious, double-height living room with modern Victorian style [From: Marilynn Kay Photography]
Victorian living room with a subtle dash of modernity [Design: Maxwell & Company Architects]

Greet with Gold

Gold – few things truly represent the magnificence of the Victorian era like its obsession with all things gold and gold-tinted. You can simply never go wrong with gold ornamentations, décor finished in a golden hue, or a coffee table or side table with a marble sheen surrounded by golden dazzle. This is the one ever-lasting element of the Victorian style that even modern homeowners would enjoy working with. Couple this love for gold with dashing black, and the classic living room suddenly comes alive. For those less comfortable with all the glitter, bright and warm yellow hues are a great substitute.

A touch of gold never fails in the Victorian living room [Design: Verona Prive Maison]
Flowery patterns are perfect for the busy, Victorian living space [Photography: Elad Gonen]
Even the design of curtain rods can make a big difference! [Design: Isler Homes]
Herringbone pattern fireplace and exposed wooden ceiling beams in the living room [Design: Taylor House Interiors]
Upholstered walls in the comfy living room with golden charm [Design: Guided Home Design]
Victorian living room idea for those who wish to stay away from dark hues [From: Oficina Inglesa London]

Intricate, Bold Details

Take care of the finer details as you attempt to recreate the past and design that amazing Victorian-style interior. Simple things like candles on the fireplace mantel (with silvery candleholders if possible!), fresh flowers in a vase and a fruit bowl can make all the difference in a Victorian living room. Rugs with oriental patterns, plush, velvety fabric for the drapes and beautiful brass floor lamps will put the final touch on your dream living room that’s from an era gone by.

Beautiful living room with Victorian panache and a dash of blue and pink [Design: Todd Richesin Interiors]
Blush-velvet Chesterfield sofa for the chic Victorian living room [Design: Coddington Design]
Chandelier lighting for the Victorian living room [Design: john milner architects]
Modern Victorian living room with a colorful, eclectic touch [Design: Kim Parker Interiors]
Victorian meet Mediterranean inside this lovely living room in Miami [Design: Interiors by Myriam]
Stone fireplace and coffered ceiling create a cozy living room [From: Smith & Vansant Architects / Rob Karosis Photography]


What were Victorian living rooms like?

Victorian living rooms were opulent spaces with rich colors, intricate patterns, and heavy, ornate furniture, often featuring luxurious fabrics like velvet and brocade.

How to make a Victorian-style living room?

To create a Victorian-style living room, opt for dark wood furniture, sumptuous upholstery, and ornate decor like chandeliers and plush rugs.

How to make your room look Victorian?

Incorporate Victorian design elements such as rich colors, ornate patterns, and antique-inspired furniture to evoke the elegance of the era.

What is a Victorian-style room?

A Victorian-style room is characterized by its opulent furnishings, intricate detailing, and luxurious materials, aiming to capture the grandeur of the Victorian era.

What makes a house look Victorian?

Victorian houses typically feature ornate architectural details such as steep gabled roofs, bay windows, decorative trim, and intricate fretwork, contributing to their distinctive appearance.

What colors were popular in the Victorian era?

Popular colors in the Victorian era included rich, deep hues like burgundy, forest green, navy blue, and dark red, often complemented by softer tones such as cream, beige, and pastel shades.

Why is it called Victorian style?

The term “Victorian style” refers to the architectural and design trends prevalent during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901) in Britain. It encompasses the diverse styles that emerged during this period, influenced by Victorian tastes and preferences.

What is modern Victorian style?

The modern Victorian style blends traditional Victorian elements with contemporary design features, often combining ornate furnishings and architectural details with clean lines, neutral color palettes, and minimalist decor for a balanced, updated look.

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