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Timeless Opulence: 20 Victorian Kitchens with Modern Functionality

An era that was defined by opulence, a brazen show of wealth and power and born out of deep English traditions that have been altered as they spread to different corners of the globe – Victorian period is one that instantly conjures up images of opulence. Its influence on home design can be seen in countries far and wide ranging from Australia and New Zealand in the southern Hemisphere to the US and Canada across the Atlantic. Despite its many variants that were born out of vernacular influences, the style still relies of visual richness, a dash of extravagance and a love for hosting guests, friends and family. It is barely a surprise then that it is still popular in its modern avatar!

Picture-perfect kitchen strikes that ideal balance between modern and Victorian

Having already shared with our readers some of the most beautiful and eye-catching Victorian style living rooms and luxurious bedrooms with Victorian influence, today we delve into the charming world of Victorian kitchens. Considering how most socialites during the period hosted guests almost every day, this was the second most important room of the house after the dining room. Combining efficiency with richness, this is a look at some of the best Victorian style kitchens in modern homes –

A Balance Between both Worlds

We live in a world where we simply cannot move away from contemporary functionality completely and this is why a balance between the past and the present is the best option. In the kitchen there are certain elements that can give the modest, modern kitchen a Victorian sheen without having to completely renovate the space. Start with a beautiful crystal chandelier above the central island that replaces your modern pendants while an ornate hood, patterned kitchen tiles and traditional cabinets come in next. This allows you to enjoy a bit of Victorian panache without sacrificing ergonomics.

Bringing classic Victorian flavor to the modern kitchen in New York with color, tiles and chandelier [From: Fein Construction]
Dark blue cabinets for the Victorian style kitchen that imbibes modern touches within it [From: Watson & Co]
Dark maroon tiles shaping the backdrop make the biggest impression in this U-shaped kitchen [From: John Lum Architecture]
Modern eclectic touches are seamlessly combined with Victorian style in this kitchen
Remodeled Victorian kitchen with modern touches and a light color palette [From: Nerland Building & Restoration, Inc.]
Table in wood at the heart of the kitchen serves both as dining space and prep zone [From: Rehkamp Larson Architects]

Ornate and Dazzling Kitchens

Elaborate patterns, embellishments and trims in gold and metal are an integral part of Victorian style and in the kitchen there is no shortage of places where this comes in handy. A dash of golden glint for the kitchen hood, design for the kitchen cabinet doors and shaker style simplicity in the backdrop can all combine to create that perfect Victorian style kitchen. Deep colors for the backdrop and cabinets in dark blue, green or even black are absolutely welcome here. Copper kitchenware, classic rugs or curtains with florals patterns only elevate the appeal of this timeless kitchen inspired by mid and late 1800s.

Ornate and artistic gold trims are an integral part of classic Victorian style and exude opulence
Ornate pattern for the cabinets coupled with copper trims for the hood and the appliances gives this kitchen a Victorian vibe [From: Ivanova Tatiana]
Tiles with pattern and colorful rug make the biggest impression in here
Dark green walls set a beautiful backdop for this unique Victorian kitchen
Eat-in kitchen with gorgeous ceiling beams in wood and a style that takes you back in time [From: Mobile Line Décor]
Finding space for a tiny breakfast zone in the small Victorian style kitchen
Lovely kitchen with Victorian and antique touches has a sense of timeless appeal about it [From: Hana Snow]

Texture and Pattern Galore

If you love to see a multitude of textures and patterns being combined seamlessly in the modern kitchen, the Victorian style offers a luxurious solution. Unlike industrial and farmhouse space, you need not take an understated approach in here to using brass, copper and patterned floor and wall tiles. All of them are effortlessly combined along with splashes of bright, deep colors in a naturally welcoming setting. A large wooden table at the heart of this space can turn it into an eat-in kitchen that is different from the many polished modern kitchens you come across daily. A perfect social setting with a hint of dazzle!

White and yellow modern Victorian kitchen for a home with rich Victorian era heritage [From: Bellingham Bay Builders]
Exposed brick walls bring a touch of edginess to this unique Industrial-Victorian style kitchen [From: VA Design Studio]
Gorgeous eat-in kitchen in Stockholm with marble countertops and cozy ambiance [From: A Home 4U]
Green cabinets with matte finish, classic island and tiles with pattern for the spacious Victorian style kitchen [From: Atelier Davis]
Meet the fabulous white kitchen with Victorian and Scandinavian touches rolled into one [From: Anders Bergstedt Photography]
Sparkling custom copper kitchen countertop steals the show in here with bluish-gray shaker style cabinets in the backdrop [From: Treyone]

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