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13 Hanging Planter Ideas To Bring Beauty To Any Space

What is summer without flowers? Boring!

Flowers give meaning to beauty, and they brighten up any dreary space. Right now, hanging planters or flowers are in vogue and can bring the summer look from the outdoors into your home. Hanging flowers is a genius way to use the vertical space in any room.

Improve the aesthetics of your windows, walls, and ceilings by artistically hanging bits of greenery. Hanging plants draw the eye upwards and add more natural beauty to your home without wasting any floor space. Dried flowers and trailing plants make the best hanging plants.

Here are 13 hanging planter ideas to make your indoor decor get some breath of fresh greenery—plus you can make any of these ideas work in an outdoor space too!

1. Statement Wall With Hanging Glass Planters

Get creative with the location of your hanging greenery by decorating a wall with glass planters. You can implement this wall on your patio, behind your sofa, or along your entry walkway. Plants love to play in the sun so ensure the wall will be receiving some direct sunlight.

Use metal holders or nails like Ivoladore does here to secure your planters to the wall to ensure an easy switch when you want to redecorate or merely water your plants.

Photo by: Mkono
Photo by: Mkono

2. Macramé Hanging Planters

Macramé hanging planters never go out of trend. Every year, people find new ways to create macramé knots for hanging their flowers, and for a good reason. These planters are made from unusual knots with strings used to carry the plant pot. They give your indoor decor a cool, effortless boho look you can rock this summer.

Photo by: Paul Hanaoka
Photo by: popsugar

3. Metal Bowl Hanging Planters

Repurpose metal bowls for hanging your plants. You can buy metallic bowls or containers designed for hanging planters, or you can do it yourself to create a beautiful in-house decor.

Photo by: West elm

4. Wooden Hanging Planters

For a more rustic feel, a wooden hanging planter can go a long way.

Photo by: Ryland Peters
Photo by: A beautiful mess
Photo by: Ryland Peters

5. Cylinder Hanging Planter

Create a unique hanging plant with this cylinder planter. You can opt for a rustic look with a classic aluminum or patina look, or go for something more unexpected like the burlap-wrapped cylinder planter.

Photo by: homebnc
Photo via Balcony Web Garden

6. Hanging Succulent Orb

Use this unique modern orb to grace your ceiling. You can make it any way you like, as shown here.

Photo by: better homes and garden

7. Hanging Plant Shelf

You can use wooden slats against the wall or hanging from a rope as a flower planter. You could also use a rack to keep your precious plant pots on display and all in one place, without taking up too much floor space.

Photo by: Alexnld
Photo by: Nord Architecture

8. Hanging Wooden Vertical Garden

Arrange your best plants in this vertical garden. You never have to worry about running out of space for all your plants either with this style of vertical garden.

Photo by: Trenduhome

9. Paint Can Hanging Planters

You will never again throw empty paint cans away when you realize that they make such beautiful hanging planters!

Photo by: pintyplus

10. Hanging Plant Wicker Baskets

Basket planters will remain an all-time favorite for those who love the quaint decor.

Photo by: Shinecoco

11. Three-tiered Hanging Planter

You can use any material to make this hanging planter as long as it forms three tiers. You can mix and match the planters as well as the material you connect them with or replicate this one.

Photo by: Food52

 12. Window Rods Hanging Planters

Let your plants get all the air and sunlight they need by placing them against the widow using hanging rods.

Photo by: Modmusings
Photo by: Contemporist

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