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41 Pool Houses to Complete Your Dream Backyard Retreat

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We are pretty sure some of you out there are already thinking about how a refreshing pool would be a luxury in itself and that a pool house is an even more remote dream. But we are allowed to dream, even more, when the design inspiration around us is so amazing and stylish!

A fabulous custom pool house is definitely not a mere excess that just fills space in your backyard and completes the poolscape visually. It can be the one-stop-shop for all your outdoor lounging needs and obviously makes hosting a cool fall or fun summer pool party a whole lot easier.

Pool house completes the relaxing setting to absolute perfection [Design: Ike Kligerman Barkley]

Having said that, an exquisite pool house is different for different people, with each of us having different lounging needs. Then there is space and budget to take into account. The collection of 41 dashing pool houses on display today covers a wide range of styles and designs, with each one offering something unique and exceptional. Here is your guide into the world of pool-side living –

Contemporary Pool House Bliss

A contemporary pool house is much more than just a place to tuck away all your pool gear, bundles of extra towels and other essentials. It is a space where the entire family can rest, rejuvenate and come together, even while enjoying the warmth and sunshine.

The pool area features a comfy outdoor décor, a cool couch, some chairs, and a coffee table can create the sitting zone, with an alfresco dining area (or even one indoors) turning it into a secondary living space. Clean lines and smart modern design that complements the main house in its silhouette ensure that the pool house integrates easily with the overall landscape.

Modern furniture is a key element to any backyard retreat. A contemporary pool house is perfectly accented with a rattan chaise lounge chair. This one comes in sleek and simple white or bright blue for a pop of chic color.

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Fabulous swimming pool with alfresco dining and comfy seating for guests [Design: Acorn Garden Houses]
Awesome contemporary outdoor kitchen that does it all! [Design: CG&S Design-Build]
Contemporary glass garage door creates stunning visual on the edge of the pool [Design: Randall Mars Architects]
Stunning entertaining area will wow your guests every single time [Design: Darren James Interiors]
Smart modern guest house in steely gray [Design: KAA Design]
Clean lines and exquisite style showcase this woodsy and contemporary design [Design: Bates Masi Architects]
Small and stylish contemporary guest house packs quite a punch! [Design: Maienza – Wilson Architecture + Interiors]

A Pool House That Is A Timeless Image of Luxury

There is absolutely no doubting the fact that a pool house has always been considered a symbol of luxury and good times. Classic pool houses definitely drive home this idea, not only with their ergonomics, but also thanks to aesthetics that seem to bring alive that picture-perfect ‘holiday postcard’ image. With shingle roofs, elegant design, classic form, and materials such as wood and stone being used elegantly, this pool house paints a picture of tradition and opulence.

While these pool houses look great, remember that they might not really pair well with more modern gardens, poolscapes, and homes. They do pair well with classic wicker furniture like this 3-piece Hacienda set that is truly timeless.

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Matching decor and common hues both inside and outside create a curated poolscape [Design: Northworks Architects and Planners]
Traditional pool house in white with gray shingled roof [Design: Northworks Architects and Planners]
Turn the pool cabana into a smart social zone and outdoor living room for friends and family [From: Trueblood Company / Tom Grimes]
Twin pergolas add elegance [Design: Merrimack Design Architects]
Give the pool house a small kitchen and serving station to turn it into a cool hangout [Design: Matthew Bolt Graphic Design]
Gorgeous pool house also provides sheltered outdoor lounge and additional space [Design: Crisp Architects / Photographer: Rob Karosis]

Style, Space and Décor

Going beyond the aesthetic aspect of it all, we delve into the many ways that you can plan for a pool house. For starters, consider the space available, the size of the pool, the yard, and the main house itself. Your pool house must be in proportion with everything around it and must also utilize the available space to the hilt.

In small gardens, a modest pool and a tiny pool house can still make a big impact. You can even convert that neglected garage or shed into a beautiful and useful pool house. Those blessed with more space might want to consider a design that offers an opportunity for both sheltered and open lounging areas.

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This guest house style perfectly complements that of the landscape around it [Design: SURROUNDS Landscape Architecture + Construction / Photography: Bob Narod]
Turn your pool house into a secondary living zone and guest space [Design: Rick & Cindy Black Architects]

Elements such as an additional guest room, bathrooms, outdoor shower, a small kitchen, a barbecue zone and more can be added, depending on both the space available and your lifestyle. Finally, make room for plenty of storage and plan for enough private areas so that your guests feel a lot more at home the next time they come to your pool party!

Unassuming pool house with adjoining hot tub is all about enjoying the outdoors [Design: Harry Elson Architect]
Breezy Mediterranean charm infused with the contemporary [From: Garden Of Eva Landscape Design Group / Luke Gibson Photography]
Fireplace and smart seating is a dream for interior designers [Design: Wagner Hodgson]
Even the smallest gardens can fit a pool and pool house [Design: Studio Shed]

Pool Houses Inspired by the Sea

Finally, we take a look at pool houses that seem the most popular in recent times – those inspired by sun, sand, surf and the deep blue sea. Styles like coastal, beach and nautical are incredibly popular when it comes to breezy pool houses that usher in plenty of fun.

The cheerfulness of these spaces coupled with the way in which they remind us of those lazy summer evenings spent on the beach make them a hit among both homeowners and designers. Clad in white and blue, these draw your attention instantly and also work well along with modern homes and gardens.

Custom contemporary design was inspired by waves! [Design: Canny Design]
Blue and white can create a distinct nautical appeal [Design: Liberty Hill Construction]
Making sure the style matches that of the main residence [From: MHK Architecture & Planning / Giovanni Photography]
Beach style and contemporary charm rolled into one [Design: HP Rovinelli Architects / Photography: Peter Kucinski]
Beach style with white accents makes for a charming guest house [Design: Barnes Vanze Architects / Photography: Anice Hoachlander from Hoachlander Davis Photography]

If you’re looking for design choices to include in a pool house, you have many options. Some of the most popular ones include adding a bar area with comfortable seating, a mini kitchenette, and a large TV for entertaining.

Photo Credit: Digs Design – A shingled pool house is accented with black shutters and sliding glass doors.

You could also add a fireplace for a cozy atmosphere and some comfortable outdoor furniture for lounging by the pool. For a more luxurious touch, you could consider adding a steam shower and a sauna. Other great ideas include a hot tub, an outdoor shower, and a sound system for playing music.

Photo Credit: Peter Dunham – White pool loungers sit along an in ground swimming pool positioned in front of a gray plank pool house with sliding glass doors.

10 Design Tips for Creating a Great Pool House

  • Consider the size of the pool house relative to the size of the pool. Make sure the pool house is large enough to comfortably accommodate any furniture or amenities you plan to include.
  • Use materials that will stand up to the elements. Choose materials that are durable and will last a long time, such as wood, stone, or brick.
Photo Credit: Wyatt Designs – White cottage style pool house is accented with a copper roof.
  • Incorporate natural light. This will help to keep the pool house cool and also reduce energy costs.
  • Consider adding built-in seating or benches to provide comfortable seating for guests.
Photo Credit: Brooks and Falotico – Gorgeous black pool house is finished with a glass garage style door.
  • Make sure to include plenty of storage, such as cabinets or shelves, for towels and other pool supplies.
  • Include plenty of electrical outlets and consider adding a ceiling fan or other cooling system to make the pool house more comfortable.
Photo Credit: Raili Ca Design – A rectangular in ground pool with a corner spa sits in front of a black pool house framed by sliding glass doors and windows.
  • Add a mini kitchen or refreshment center to provide snacks and drinks to guests.
  • Consider adding a bathroom or changing area for convenience.
Photo Credit: Collins Interiors – Gorgeous white pool house boasts Greek columns and is contrasted with black shutters doors.
  • Install a sound system to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Add plants and other greenery to create a beautiful, inviting atmosphere for your pool house.
Photo Credit: Cameron Design – An in-ground swimming pool is fixed in front of a shiplap siding pool house accented with sliding glass doors.
Photo Credit – Lindsey Lane Design – Teak pool loungers sit in front of a white pool house fitted with folding glass doors and face an in ground swimming pool.
Photo Credit: Mrs Paranjape – White pool house with gray roof features folding glass doors and white pool loungers under black umbrellas.
Photo Credit: Raili Ca Design – An in ground swimming pool is located in front of a white pool house accented with gray wash dual barn doors on rails.
Photo Credit: Andrew J Howard – A brown singled pool house accented with a white door.
Photo Credit: Tharon Anderson – A gray shingled pool house faces an in-ground swimming pool surrounded by slate pavers and accented with white wicker loungers.
Photo Credit: Karen B Wolf – A small blue pool house is fitted with glass garage style doors.
Photo Credit – Mark D Sikes – Pool house bar features green folding doors that open to an in ground rectangular pool and black stools with blue cushions.
Photo Credit: Alisberg Parker – White pool loungers paired with white umbrellas face an in ground swimming pool and sit on grass lined concrete pavers leading to an expansive white pool house boasting arched doorways.
Photo Credit: Kristen Panitch – Cottage style pool house boasts a covered patio featuring a black wicker sofa and black wicker chairs placed flanking a black coffee table. A round mirror is mounted to board and batten trim over a fireplace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of construction is required to build a pool house?

Typically, pool houses are constructed using wood framings and other durable materials, such as PVC or metal. It is important to consider the climate and environment when selecting materials, as certain materials may suit particular climates.

Additionally, you should consider the size of the pool house and the amount of use it will receive to determine what type of materials and construction methods will be best.

What are the benefits of having a pool house?

A pool house offers a great way to provide a comfortable, convenient place to change and store all your pool-related items. Also, it can provide a comfortable area to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Many pool houses also provide additional storage space, which is great for keeping items like pool toys, pool chemicals, and other items safe and secure.

What are some design considerations for a pool house?

When designing a pool house, you should consider the size and shape of the pool, the type of space you need for changing, storage, and relaxing, and the overall aesthetic of the design. Further, you should also consider any climate or environmental considerations, such as sun exposure, wind exposure, and other elements that may affect the design of the pool house.


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