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50 Eclectic Living Rooms for a Delightfully Creative Home

The misconception among many homeowners is that by not committing to any particular style and by randomly putting together your favorite pieces of decor one can create an eclectic living space. This could not be more far off from the truth, as eclectic style demands as much, if not a lot more, discipline than any other decorating style around. Sure, it throws convention out the window, mixes contrasting hues, styles, textures and even eras together in a charming and cheerful setting, but it still needs to be carefully curated. That is the mantra; with an eclectic living room, you are showcasing your effervescent and unique personality in a ‘curated’ fashion.

We do not kid when we say that this is a style that is far harder to master than many others simply because there are no set rules and rigidly defined boundaries. It is all about achieving that perfect balance between order and chaos, contrast and cohesion, method and madness. To help you with this elusive blend, we have 50 awesome eclectic living rooms lined up, which will hopefully give you some great ideas to give your living room that exciting makeover as well.

Small Eclectic Living Rooms

Think of eclectic living rooms and one visualizes loads of bright colors and accessories that seem a touch tacky and bold. Yet there are many different ways to go eclectic while allowing the style to blend in nicely with the rest of your more modern home. An eclectic living room, especially a small one, need not be filled with furniture and accessories beyond necessity. In small living rooms, try and choose a bold couch, a coffee table with a metallic glint and a plush rug with a splash of color to create the same visual impact while keeping the space visually uncluttered.

Beautiful rug for the bright and brilliant living room [Design: Taylor + Taylor]
Dark walls for the chic eclectic living space [Photography: Rikki Snyder]
Repurposed desk turned into a custom coffee table in the small living room [Design: Luci.D Interiors]
Small living room can pull off the eclectic look as well [Design: Horton & Co. Designers]
Living room of tiny Paris apartment with a style of its own [Photography: meero]

The idea here is to mix and match contrasting pieces but still give them a common thread that links every single one of them. This common quality could come in the shape of a neutral backdrop, a few bold colors that are repeated throughout the room or geometric symmetry created by the placement of the decor. In small living rooms, make sure you pick a few fundamental elements and repeat them to give the room a more pleasing ambiance.

Celebrate Color!

Vivacious reds paired with brilliant turquoise, emerald greens coupled with dazzling gold and pops of bright yellow laced into a backdrop that is distinctly orange; color is an integral part of most eclectic living rooms. Even though most homeowners prefer a more contemporary-eclectic style with grays and whites shaping the backdrop, a more boisterous approach does seem way more fun. Remember that eclectic is a style defined by ‘you’ and not any particular designer or trend. Pick colors that you truly love and paint a picture that is truly spellbinding.

Bright pops of color in the living room coupled with vintage charm [From: Kailey J. Flynn Photography]
Coffee table on wheels for the colorful London living room [Design: Turner Pocock]
Stylish eclectic living room with contemporary flair [Design: Lucy and Company]
Contrasting elements and colors come together beautifully [Design: Mindi Freng design / Kate Bruinsma Photography]
Gold and turquoise eclectic living room [Design: Anna Lattimore Interior Design]

A good way to bring together these contrasting hues is by picking furniture with similar shape and outline. This approach works well in most modern-eclectic living spaces and if you want to throw in a curve ball, a tone-on-tone approach to decorating is another great alternative.

An Eclectic Mix of Decor

The decor choices you make largely impact the appeal of your eclectic living room. More than the colors you use, it is furnishings and accessories that make the most impact. For rooms with bright colors, a couple of table lamps or floor lamps on either side of the room, twin chairs and a few lovely vases can make all the difference. Despite being drenched in contrasting colors and textures, this room suddenly seems a whole lot more curated thanks to the symmetry that the decor offers. While using completely contrasting pieces, look for subtler ways such as geometric print, accent color and a common style to combine them elegantly.

Classic Chester Sofa coupled with curated, vintage decor and smart lighting [Design: Coveted Home]
Combine your favorite decor pieces in style [From: Horchow]
Cozy yellow couch and acrylic coffee table enliven the living space [From: Luck Stone Center]
Love the pops of aqua in this eclectic space with coastal vibe [Design: Lisa Teague Design Studios]
Lovely use of geometric pattern in the living room [Design: Tobi Fairley Interior / Rikki Snyder Photography]

Turn to the Walls

The gallery wall has become an important part of most living rooms, and it is a trend that never seems to die down. It is an addition that works with any style you have going, and by simply altering the frames and photographs on the wall, you can usher in an entirely new look. This obviously makes the gallery wall a perfect addition to the eclectic living room that brings together a fusion of decorating styles. Do not underestimate the value of a wall mural, a picture ledge or even a 3D wall art installation in an eclectic space. It could easily end up becoming the showstopper of your new, vivacious living room.

Vintage sofa in pink and drapes in black and white for the eclectic space [Design: Nichole Loiacono Design]
Stunning feature wall for the vibrant living room [From: Adrienne DeRosa Photography]
Eclectic living room with pops of color and wall art [From: Nuestra Vida Dulce]
Perfect living room design for the booklover [Design: Keith Bruns Woodworking]
Vintage meets modern inside this eclectic New York home [Design: ABCD Design]

Weaving Together Styles & Eras

An eclectic living room can still have a distinct air of modernity or an undeniably Victorian flair borrowed from an era lost in time. Even though the room is a carefully constructed blend of three or four styles, let one of them shine out and dominate the setting. It is often the backdrop, the style of decor and their silhouette that define the design style that is the loudest among the lot. A refined, neutral backdrop with furniture that has clean, straight lines shouts out modern or contemporary, while flowing curves, bold colors and intricate patterns take you to vintage and classic themes.

Give your eclectic living room a hint of coastal vibe [From: Ashley Anthony Studio]
Global eclectic style for the Chicago home [Design: SuzAnn Kletzien Design]
Refined eclectic style for the modern home [Design: Interiors by Design]
Going eclectic with a love for nature [From: Julia Atkinson – Studio Home]

Using natural materials such as wood one can also bring a coastal or farmhouse vibe to the eclectic living room and a homeowner who travels the world and has a collection of rare decor pieces to boast of can create an eclectic-global look. While the 50 living rooms on display today might be hard to replicate, that is hardly the point.

Creating that perfect eclectic living room will take time; you will get some things right and others wrong and constantly learn more about both yourself and what works for the room. It is a journey where the path is exciting and the end never truly definitive. This is what makes eclectic style so special, so memorable and so very personal!

Sherry Nothingam

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